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song jihyo broke up with her CEO boyfriend?

I don’t think so… because I’m not really that curious about their personal life… (it’s personal for a reason) but if anyone does, please answer. I’m now curious. Haha. 

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second versions :):)

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Instantly happy~

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admin,how much you love all member RUNNING MAN? and from 7 member who do you like most?give me the rank,from 1-7

1 Being best to 7 who is last but not least?

1 - Kang Gary

2 - Song Ji Hyo

3 - Kwang Soo

4 - Kim Jong Kook

5 - Yoo Jae Suk 

6 - Haha

7 - Suk Jin :) 

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Admin.. I m new fan of monday couple by watching some episodes of running man.. but I still can not find the fact or Ep that firstly created monday couple... can u pls explain me how its come from and how these lovely couple have began to be paired?? Thank u!!

You get a sense from 8 and progressed from then on. I like to believe it started from 8 while some might say 10 ^^. And the pairing isn’t so obvious but the teasing and the on air love is what makes fans, fans of this couple. 

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Contrast between the two pairs..

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Running Man Episode 129 - Monday Couple moment

Gary : “Are you going to DATE me or not? Tell me once and for all. I said, tell me clearly.”

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